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Eyelash Transplant Cost


In response to a large number of inquiries asking for an estimated price of an eyelash procedure, we have added this web page to better assist you and speed up responses.

In order to give an estimated cost and travel reimbursement discounts, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Age
  • Country and State of residence
  • Known allergies of any kind, including medication
  • A brief or elaborate explanation of your eyelash loss, including the first date or year you noticed eyelash loss, months or years with this condition, and if there is any reason that caused your eyelash loss.
  • Three or more pictures or images of your eyes (examples of pictures are shown below) preferrably without makeup. Image size does not matter (they can be large as possible).


Dr. Nader will evaluate your information and based on the above information he will let you know the possible amount of eyelashes we can transplant per eyelid, as well as costs and information regarding the procedure.


For more images of eyelash transplants, please visit our trilaminar eyelash transplant page.


The secret in Dr. Nader's results have been due to his new technique for eyebrow and eyelash transplantation (FUE & CFUI). This is what I call “imitating nature”. The technique we have gives us the ability to provide direction, depth, and correct angle growth resulting in a more natural look and growth of each hair implanted. It is also not as superficial as the standard technique, which decreases the possibility of redness and scarring of the eyelid.

- Dr. Luis Nader






















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