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Eyebrow Transplant

An eyebrow transplant requires a skilled hair restoration surgeon with the proper technique, knowledge of eyebrow anatomy as well as an artistic approach to achieve natural results.

Also, eyebrow transplant procedures require a very highly skilled surgical team as well as the right instrumentation.

Placement of the new follicular units for an eyebrow transplant is essential. As with a bad eyebrow permanent makeup result, placing the new eyebrow hairs in the wrong place can lead to a bad outcome. Also, using the wrong technique may not permit proper growth of new follicles, and in some cases injure the existing eyebrow hairs.

Eyebrow Technique

INormal eyebrows are aesthetically divided into three parts, and each part has its own direction, measurement and distribution of each follicle to achieve its natural form and density. Harvesting hair from the scalp can be done in two ways, either with Stereoscopic Follicular Unit Strip or with Follicular Unit Extraction. The most common procedure for eyebrow transplant in Nader Medical is by Folicular Unit Extraction, or FUE. Dr. Nader will evaluate which is the best procedure for your case.

Local anesthesia is used to obtained the donor hair. We use a special technique where no pain or discomfort is felt during the procedure. The follicular units are then processed in special fourth generation stereoscopic microscopes to ensure proper direction and growth of each hair.

  We also use local anesthesia for the eyebrow, and a very fine instument is used to make micro-incisions. Each eyebrow hair is implanted microsurgically, one at a time.

The density also varies with gender, as men often have an increased number of eyebrow hairs than women. Furthermore, the number of eyebrows implanted varies with each case. Each eyebrow has to be carefully drawn to the anatomical position and symmetry, and then each hair is carefully placed and positioned in the right direction, where it eventually lives and grows permanently.


This image was altered in color to show the number of follicular units used in the eyebrow (135 grafts per eyebrow) and eyebrow (47 grafts per eyelid).
Natural looks, minimal and undetectable scarring. Permanent results!


Eyebrow transplantation before
Eyebrow loss after micropigmentation or tattoo
Eyebrow transplant after
Eyebrow restoration immediately after the procedure, no bruising, minimal swelling, permanent results.


The secret in Dr. Nader's results have been due to his new technique for eyebrow and eyelash transplantation (FUE & CFUI). This is what I call “imitating nature”. The technique we have gives us the ability to provide direction, depth, and correct angle growth resulting in a more natural look and growth of each hair implanted. It is also not as superficial as the standard technique, which decreases the possibility of redness and scarring of the skin.

- Dr. Luis Nader






















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