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Tri-laminar Eyelash Transplant
This procedure for dense packing requires a special technique and skill, and patient selection is needed to obtain optimal results.

Trilaminar eyelash transplantation is a new procedure that gives better density and more eyelashes per eyelid than traditional eyelash transplantation.

The following pictures have been approved and authorized by the patient to be shown on the web. Unauthorized use or reproduction of any images is strictly prohibited.

Her alopecia is a result of an automobile accident. A small portion of her eyelid is missing, causing a small but noticeable indentation.


Local anesthesia was used as we prepared to make a technique refined by Dr. Nader called a Tri-laminar Eyelash Transplant, which consists of specially measured and carefully implanted eyelashes in a dense-packing pattern, without severe compromise of eyelid vascularization or great trauma.

With the tri-laminar eyelash transplant, we were able to transplant 25 new eyelashes into the small area, with the appropriate hair direction, angulation, and depth. Total time of the procedure was 4 hours and 25 minutes due to the scarring found in the dermis at the recipient site.

Although this case is has a small area of alopecia, the recipient area is compromised by a lack of eyelid skin, causing an indentation which can be better observed in the postop pictures.




After the procedure, we can observe minimal inflammation, and equimosis (bruising) can be observed limited to the area of implantation. With this technique we can implant more eyelashes than previously possible without compromising growth or skin viability.


If you would like to know an estimated cost of this procedure, please send us an email with the following information from this web page.

The secret in Dr. Nader's results have been due to his new technique for eyebrow and eyelash transplantation (FUE & CFUI). This is what I call “imitating nature”. The technique we have gives us the ability to provide direction, depth, and correct angle growth resulting in a more natural look and growth of each hair implanted. It is also not as superficial as the standard technique, which decreases the possibility of redness and scarring of the eyelid.

- Dr. Luis Nader






















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